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Working together: HTNG is on a roll

HTNG’s recent Software Forum meeting (held a couple of weeks ago at Guestware’s offices in Seattle) hosted some very informative discussions, mostly around the challenges and opportunities of remotely hosted systems and on multiparty payment protocols. With some formal presentations from specialist third parties setting the background, the informal discussions between many different hotel and vendor representatives really helped clarify what works now, what doesn’t and what we need to define to understand the middle ground more clearly. Great sessions.

HTNG announced its Strategic Leadership Engagement Series for vendors wanting to engage in dialog with the hotelier CIOs on its board. While similar in concept to the benefactor series in that vendors who contribute significantly to the organization gain direct time with the CIOs, the new program brings up to three appropriate vendors into a three-hour summit session focused on a single area of technology. Single-vendor presentations will be followed by a 75-minute moderated discussion on the topic between the CIOs and all three vendors. Should be very educational.

HTNG’s recent Middle East conference was a success, with almost double the attendance from the previous one two years ago, many more exhibitors and an excellent variety of speakers from outside IT and outside hospitality. Different points of view come from all kinds of sources.

HTNG’s 2013B Web Services specifications were just released, highlighting five updates:

Kiosk Integration v2.1, covering interfaces between hotel kiosks and PMSs, now includes expanded roles and additional system types.

Product Distribution Availability v4.0, covering the exchange of availability information between systems, now also includes inventory information, which used to be contained in a separate spec.

Product Distribution Groups v2.0, covering the exchange of group information, has been broken out into its own, stand-alone document and illustrates more comprehensive use cases.

Product Distribution Rates v2.0, covering the exchange of rate information, is also now its own, stand-alone document with more comprehensive use cases.

Product Distribution: this collection now excludes the availability, inventory, groups and rates specifications, as above, and the reservations and seamless shop/book specs have minor updates.

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