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5 ways to optimize hotel asset preservation - By Kristin Knox-Attar

A common goal of hotel owners and asset managers is to preserve and enhance the value of their hotel assets. The condition of the physical asset is one of the biggest drivers of value.

Optimizing asset preservation is more than “PM’ing” a room a few times a year. There are many other actions owners can take to ensure they are maximizing the value of their asset. A comprehensive and focused approach to proactive, preventative maintenance will reduce labor costs, increase energy efficiencies and lengthen the useful life of assets, all of which will increase asset value. Click the link below for the five ways to do so.

If your hotel(s) are not using a computerized maintenance system (CMMS)check out (Guestware) which combines scheduled room and equipment PM & asset management with proactive work orders and reactionary guest problem resolution for a complete solution.

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