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By accessing or using this website in any way, including, without limitation, use of any of the Services, downloading of any Materials, or merely browsing the Site, you agree to and are bound by the following Privacy Policy:

Privacy Policy

Any information you provide through email addresses as set forth in this site is only used internally by Guestware. Names or other personally identifiable information will not be published by Guestware except as it relates to its obvious intended use (a letter of endorsement, for example).

We will not SELL, TRADE, GIVE, SHARE or SHOW any information provided to us by our visitors and/or clients, to anyone outside of Guestware. (We will only surrender information if forced to do so by an authoritative court or government entity).


The policies set forth above are designed to protect the privacy of our visitors and clients. If our privacy policy ever changes, we will post the new policy here. In no case will information be transmitted outside of Guestware unless we are forced to do so by an authoritative court or government entity.

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