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Optimizing technology for hotel guests

Mobile devices have made it easier for people to be online and connect with most everything they desire. As people get more comfortable using mobile, they rely on it for things they used to do only on their desktop computers. This stays true for communication. More and more hotel guests prefer to converse with a hotel via text messaging. With this new wave of communicating, it is important to have a back-end solution to record the information from the conversation.

Since messaging is tied to an identity or profile, unlike phone or face-to-face interactions, history is recorded and retained. This means staff can scroll through previous exchanges with a guest to recall preferences and the current requests being worked on, regardless or which staff member interacted with the guest in the past.

Hotels have the option to use technology to communicate with their guests before, during and after their stay via messaging, said Julie Hoit, marketing manager for Guestware. “With a proper back-end solution to document the conversation and tie it to the guest’s profile in the [property-management system], hotels can look up previous chat history for requests, preferences or incidents,” she said. “This gives hotel staff the right information for prearrival planning for a returning guest.”

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