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Maximize Return Group Business

The first rule of thumb for all hotels is to retain guests and build a loyal relationship with them. Did you know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than keep an existing one? It costs even more for Group Sales. Imagine the profitability of retaining a large group from year to year. The first step of truly understanding your Group is to know more about the individual’s experience during their stay. This will give you correct and actionable information for follow-up and future sales.

Within Guestware, you have the ability to view each Group and their incidents from their stay. Guestware organizes Group information based on their market code in the PMS. It attaches all incidents and requests made by the guests associated with that Group to a profile. Reviewing the Group incident report while a Group is still in house is a great way to be proactive when issues arise. The overall Group incident report can be retrieved at any time or scheduled daily, weekly or monthly and emailed directly to the Sales department. What the staff then does with this information can proactively shape the experience for a returning Group, and allow for an opportunity to impress the Group with tailored services to create a solid, loyal Group for life.

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