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Leveraging customer data and technology to personalize the experience

As customers increasingly turn to alternative, non-hotel lodging options and continuously book through on-line travel agencies versus directly with the hotels themselves, hoteliers need to leverage their customer data to understand and apply personalized experiences for their guests. It could be as simple as knowing their guest likes a corner room on an upper level or enjoys drinking green tea, and applying this information to their stay. Any chance a hotel can impress their guests is an opportunity to create a loyal customer for life.

With the amount of data that is collected at the hotel level, it is imperative that there is a good system in place to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. While the property management system is perfect for reservations, a good complementary CRM system such as Guestware provides the data from previous incidents and preferences to give staff the information needed to ensure a personalized experience before, during, and after their stay.

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