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JW Desert Springs Resort & Spa focuses on creating a hotel-wide Guestware culture

With the goal of achieving high levels of guest satisfaction, the hotel managers have been using Guestware’s tools to seamlessly fit into their day-to-day operations. For example, the hotel is using the scheduled reports tool to send high priority guest incidents every ninety minutes to the MOD. The MOD then takes this information to follow-up with the guest directly to ensure they are completely satisfied and happy before they check out of the hotel. This extra step has shown to be very valuable to overall guest satisfaction and has been positively reflected on surveys and the hotel’s social media sites.

In addition, Desert Springs has been utilizing Guestware’s Auto Dispatch tool for ALL major departments, not just housekeeping and engineering. They have customized the code list to accommodate other departments that are unique to the resort such as boating, golfing, spa, and recreation. Using tandem rules to dispatch multiple requests, associates have the ability to send one code to a specific department and then automatically dispatch a different code to another. This saves time, money, and increases overall hotel efficiency.

Desert Springs’ Front Office Manager, Nikki Mitchell, has seen the value of staying abreast of Guestware’s features and updates. “Our ability to utilize all of the best features of Guestware keeps the communication between the different hotel departments flowing very well. We have definitely seen an increase in our guest satisfaction scores from it,” says Mitchell.

With this embedded guest-centric culture, it is no surprise that their Guestware Scorecard reflects the hotel as a high performer.

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