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2017 hotel marketing trends

1) Go mobile or get left behind

Perhaps the biggest trend, and one we’ve seen coming for some time, is that mobile will overtake desktop as the traveler’s search and booking device of choice. Mobile responsiveness is mandatory. According to Google, conversion rates on mobile sites have increased by 88%, while mobile travel searches are up 25% year-on-year from 2015.

In fact, Google now rewards mobile-friendly websites with higher search rankings, and as of January 2017 the search giant had warned that inaccessible mobile content will be penalised. With innovative platforms like PayPal and Apple Pay, mobile payments are also set to overtake credit card payments in the near future. Make sure your marketing efforts are mobile friendly.

2) Video is more important than ever

In an age of information overload, the attention span of online users has dwindled noticeably. A recent Animoto survey revealed that four times as many consumers would rather watch a short video relating to a product or offering, than read about it.

Video allows you to grab attention in unique, effective ways, and lets you put out timely content that amplifies your offerings. The Data and Marketing Association notes that 69% of marketers are picking up on the trend, saying their budgets are “increasing” or “significantly increasing” towards creating video content.

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