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Top Ten Travel Trends for 2014

Over 20,000 travel professionals were provided a comprehensive survey on consumer and business travel in 2014, for review and submission to an independent market research firm for compilation and analysis.

Trend #1 The Travel Industry is Poised for Strong Growth! Eight out of ten travel agents surveyed are highly upbeat about industry growth through 2014 and beyond. Over half are projecting “strong growth.”

Trend #2 Leisure Travel Leads The Way Nearly 75 percent of growth in travel is leisure related, with half of this growth coming from the luxury segment. It’s travel at a personal cost, however. A quarter of the travel professionals felt that the line of demarcation between business and personal travel is further blurring, with many executives bringing work with them on family and romantic vacations – aided in large part by advances in communications technology.

Read the remaining eight trends here.

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